Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Form 6

Hey there. Gosh i haven't update this blog for a very long time. I've been busy i guess? So the reasons why i didn't update for so long is because I'm a form 6 student. Yeaaaaa. I'm stuck with homework,assignment,presentation and so on. Barely have time for myself and family. So.... I'm a form 6 students and currently studying in S.M.K St.Theresa. The environment there is okay..i guess? But its a little bit awkward the first time when i enter the class because I've never been to co-ed school before (I'm a convent students since standard 1 until form 5). But there is a large good difference when i studied there. For example I become more matured,and i learn to voice out my opinion. So that's a good thing right? 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Skipping Workout

hey! So... I'm back! Okay. So today I tried to exercise (cause I'm so fat and I have too much fat). So I've tried Skipping Workout and I felt like dying. Seriously. 
So according to my research (that I've taken from google), Skipping Workout is a very effective cardio exercise that boosts your heart rate up, so your cardiovascular system improves and can burn an impressive amount of calories in a relatively short period of time so it is very helpful if you want to lose weight. 
So this exercise is highly recommended to those who wants to lose weight in a short period of time. All you need is a rope and space so you can jump around without breaking your mom's vase or anything. You guys should try it.